Slow motion

I have been traveling very frequently these past couple months, and my updates have (regrettably) fallen on the wayside. However, my Boston trip last weekend has marked the end of my busy spring! (My next trip: San Francisco to see my sister and mom, but that's not for another six weeks.)

I'm excited for the next six weeks of not traveling. And don't get me wrong - I love being busy - but there's something nice about settling into a routine. To enjoy my weekends. To live a slow-paced existence. (Arizona is pretty helpful when you want to live slowly... I think it's because of all the retirees and snowbirds. Like, there's a diner on every corner. Diners are kind of for old people.)

I think I'm definitely a grandma at heart. Or at the very least - what is the opposite of thrill-seeker? - whatever it is, I'm that.

I bought CS GO this week. I used to think in all its simplicity that the game was boring (where are the zombies?! the classes?) but now I appreciate it. It's a nice, fast-paced, and no frills first-person shooter. (I played casual and fared OK, to my surprise. But I'm still light years away from playing competitively - I think.)

Summer in Arizona has arrived, which means 1) mosquito bites, 2) sunscreen is a necessity, and 3) the air conditioner is my new best friend. It also means that Sonic shakes are half off after 8 pm. I also dread wearing jeans to work everyday, but it's not like cutoffs are work-appropriate.

One note: now that I am traveling less, my diet has disintegrated. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I've decided to put aside IIFYM and just eat to my heart's content and "worry later." I'm trying to practice mindful eating too. I'm trying this new thing where I eat and just be happy and not stressed. It's interesting.

I am starting this summer off in slow motion. I want to relax after traveling (and being stressed) since February's break-in. (Which is a topic for another blog post, maybe.) I want to slowly get into a routine and just... breathe. (I want to join a kickboxing gym too, while we're on the subject of things I want.)

I apologize for this post being all over the place. I'm still getting my bearings.

Excited for the summer and what it will bring me.