It's funny - when I lived in Boston, it never felt like home. I had pledged my undying allegiance to California and *hated* flying back to Boston several times a year. But during my last semester in Boston, I resolved to enjoy every second of it... every snowstorm and wind-chilled-day.

Now that I don't live in Boston anymore, I miss it SO MUCH. The chic fashionistas walking down Newbury Street, beau and Starbucks coffee cup in hand. The Hunter boots. The crisp autumnal weather. Yes, even the horrible face-numbing snowstorms, and the dinosaur of a public transportation system that is the MBTA. I miss it SO MUCH.

I visited Boston for a weekend and it was so fun. Funny how it's hard to appreciate things - people, places, possessions - until they've become a fond memory, forever placed comfortably in the past.