Day 48

I've been here for 7 weeks now, and I can't decide if my time here has felt long or short.

Rather, it's felt like I just got here - that the weeks just flew by.

I say this because last night I officially booked my flight home. My brief adventure in the Philippines will end on February 9, when I fly back to Arizona. It's a little over 9 weeks from today - that's 60+ more days. I'm like, not even 50% done with my trip.

And yet it feels like February 9 is around the corner!

It's been so nice living with my family again. I play video games with my sister every night (or at least, wait for her to finish homework so we can play games) and go out on the weekends. And get my nails done with my mom every few weeks. (She keeps a close eye on me to make sure I don't relapse with my nail-biting habit.)

My sister and I finished Doki Doki Literature Club.

48 days in, 65 days till I leave. That's 113 days total, huh?

Ahh, it's always been hard to say bye to my family here - even when I was a kid and would spend all summer in the Philippines, I always HATED leaving - but I'm so grateful I was lucky enough to live here, albeit shortly.

Time is flying by so fast!