One month in

Time has been flying by. It's been a month since I arrived in the Philippines. So far I have:

  • Frantically stayed active on Yelp - a hard endeavor considering how unpopular Yelp is in the Philippines. And the fact that I don't have cellular data.
  • Spent 5 days in Baguio, a northern city in the mountains. When you live on a tropical island, people vacation to places that are cold. By cold, I mean 65 degrees at night. Sweater weather, indeed.
  • As for my Witcher 3 progress, I have successfully found Ciri, romanced Yen, unlocked Yoana’s forge, and worked on completing my Gwent deck. If you must know.
  • Planned a Boracay trip for my friends visiting me in December. True love is your friends from California coming to the Philippines to see you (and to be beach bums).
  • Researched on what I’m planning to do when I’m in Japan at the end of the year. Got overwhelmed and decided to just prioritize visiting districts (rather than really specific stores or restaurants): Akihabara and Harajuku.
  • Trying to plan a Palawan trip, as that’s on my bucket list before I fly back to Arizona.
  • Eat food. Take pictures of said food.