My 2017 so far

  • I bought Spotify. I feel like I've just been promoted to "True Millennial" status -- paying for a music streaming service. It's just too convenient. (And, okay, TSwift putting all her music back on Spotify was a big factor in my decision. I'll admit it.)
  • Turmeric, fresh ginger root, sweetener + lemon juice = new nightly ritual.
  • Finished my first bottle of caffeine pills in a span of 7-8 months. I have now allowed myself to "graduate" ... and purchased a way bigger bottle. Progress?
  • I'm doing this thing where I get my nails done every so often. One, it helps me stop biting my nails. Two, a goal of mine that I haven't been working on is to look "put together." AKA look high maintenance. I may not be high maintenance, but when I see another female who looks put together (nails did, hair did, everyone done - plus slays at her job) I definitely feel more than a twinge of admiration. There are, of course, more important things than one's aesthetic, but I think it's very similar to my philosophy on make up - if you feel good on the outside, it can help you feel good on the inside. Fake it till you make it, that sort of thing.
  • Best purchase of the year: Still my $20 step up stool. I can reach ALL the high cabinets now. Yas.
  • I have friends visiting me soon, and other friends making plans to visit me. It's starting to feel like Arizona is home. And I love my apartment. And my cats.
  • I discovered splenda sort of tastes the best out of all the fake sugar. I know stevia is cool and all, but I think I got sick of the taste. Maybe by the end of the year I'll prefer stevia again. But don't even get me STARTED on sucralose. It gives me the weirdest reaction in my mouth afterwards, like a terribly strange aftertaste.

I've been feeling inspired lately. Inspired, motivated, and excited about the future. I think these are good signs. I just have to remember to blog more. (Which reminds me - in a few months I'll be renewing my Squarespace domain!)

Another future goal: To swag out at my desk at work. If I'm going to spend the majority of my day at a desk, I better swag it out somehow. Time to Pinterest.