Blog makeover

I have just changed the look of my website and I LOVE it. It is unfortunate that I paid for Squarespace and didn't *love* the theme of my blog until 5-6 months in. But I am in love with the interface now; I think it is a lot cleaner and more me.

The layout beforehand was too cluttered with images, because I was inspired by the gorgeous websites of various graphic designers/photographers. They had BEAUTIFUL artwork to show off, and their layout was reflective of their design skills.

But I'm not a graphic designer or a professional photographer. I'm a copywriter and a blogger and a public relations major, so I needed a layout indicative of my own strengths, instead of someone else's. And I truly think that's where my layout choice failed me initially.

Not anymore though. I think this is clean and beautiful and showcases my ramblings and thoughts in a manner that is very succinct. (As much as I like to call my blog posts ramblings, I'm all about the succinct.)

Interesting how deep introspection can come from the most unusual of places. (In my case, my blog layout.)