Hit the ground running

My first post! I am quite excited to use SquareSpace, as I have heard a good deal about it (all good things). I think the blogging aspect to my website is going to be the most fun.

Today, a man called me. We had a conversation, and by conversation I do mean an impromptu interview on the spot. I told him I wanted to learn. He said, "I don't want someone who wants to learn. I want someone who can hit the ground running." I was nervous and stumbled over my words to correct myself, but the damage had already been done. After the call, I thought hard about what he meant. Did I really mess up by telling someone I wanted to learn? It was the truth.

I think you can hit the ground running and also learn something every day, at the same time. One doesn't disqualify the other.

How to fight temptation to litter the website with all my random pictures, I haven't quite figured out yet.