Tea time

I've been drinking a lot of tea lately. Does it still count as tea if I add tons of milk and artificial sweetener? That's how Brits do it, so it must still be tea. It is absolutely delicious.

 This tea is amazing.

This tea is amazing.

This is my all time favorite tea. It has a PHENOMENAL toasted rice flavor. I bought a box of decaf Bigelow vanilla chai from Winco the other day - another delicious tea. Actually, I'm convinced everything would taste good with some milk and artificial sweetener.

I bought some cooking grade matcha, and mix it it with my tea (and coffee. And Greek yogurt.) which Reddit tells me is blasphemous because I'm supposed to use matcha tea leaves for tea and matcha cooking grade powder for like, cooking. But as Kendrick says, "I can see the evil / I can tell it / I know it's illegal / I don't think about it."

On a related note, I finally understand decaf now. I think this, more than anything, makes me a proper adult. I didn't understand why anyone would buy decaf coffee, but when it's 10pm and I'm craving a soothing cup of coffee but can't because I know I'll mess up my sleep schedule even more.. I get it now, guys. This is why we have decaffeinated. I'm one of the big girls now, right? Right?

Then again, I pretty much only want to try dessert teas. Like, birthday cake or red velvet kind. What's the point if it doesn't taste like cake? This is pretty much my approach to all dilemmas.

One step forward, two steps back?